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Welcome and Thanks you.

This document will explain how to use and setup Electric wire.

How to use.

How to migrate.

How to add new component/wire.

Details on day/night.


How to use.

Electric wire have a complete demo project that you can test functionality.

How to setup like in this image


Component placement.

Connector and wire placement.

Interaction and power distribution.

Remove component or wire.

Network: How to host/join game.

Components and wire in details.

How to migrate.

1- Backup your project

2- Migrate folder to your project

3- GameMode and Character



1: Add interface BPI_Character to your Character Class Settings.

2: Add BP_ElectricManager to your character Components.

3: Copy/paste the node in EventGraph of ElectricWireCharacter (in the blue comment), to your character EventGraph.

3.1: If you migrate to 3rd persion character project, select CameraBoom and change SocketOffset Y to 150.0.

4: Compile and Save.

5: Add your Character to the Default Pawn Class

4- Engine keys