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Custom storage for uSurvival

– Box22 is portable container as inventory item.
– Player death and structure destroy can drop lootbag with all items.
– Account storage, same for all character.
– Character storage, personal to each character.
– Modified storage can be use with trap, spawn, lock or trigger.
– Lock/unlock with accessory or monster kill (like a boss).
– Activate trap to damage player or spawn enemy or open door, …
– Automatically close storage over time.
– Spawn items overtime in storage.
– Spawn items probability.
– Server side effect.. example damage player.
– Client side effect.. example open/close animation, sounds.

– Include core addon Additional Json Data.
– Include core addon Additional Item Storage.

Build with Unity 2021.3.9f1 and uSURVIVAL 1.85


– Update to use AdditionalItemStorage addon
* If you update from old version
* – Remove files UIInventorySlotMod.cs, UIItemStorageSlot.cs, UIItemStorage.cs, StoragePlayerItemUsage.cs
* – Remove files SlotInventoryMod.prefab, UIItemStorageSlot.prefab, UIItemStorage.prefab
* – Then import the package and follow all documentations
* – In the file UIInventory.cs you will need replace old code while doing Additional Item Storage install

– Validate with uSURVIVAL 1.85

* If you update from old version
* – undo step 2 (only methods CharacterSave and CharacterSaveMany)
* – undo step 3 (only methods OnServerCharacterCreate and Save)
* – delete CustomStorage addon folder and import the new version
* – review step 3, 4 and do new step 7
– Validate with uSURVIVAL 1.84
– Update additional json data package
– Add check and closebag on lootbag to inventory merge item
– Add variable public for the time that lootBag is automatically removed
– Remove some GetComponent from custom storage ui
– Move some saving in NetworkManagerSurvival save method
– Add modification to PlayerInteraction.cs to properly manage current target
– Renamed some files

– Add method for compatibility with keypad addon
– Structure modified storage now save locked state in database
– Item icon now have clear background
– Rename somes files

– Update to uSurvival 1.83

* If you updated from old version, review step 3, it have new code to add
– Optimize saving system of itemStorage, now save in same time of everything else

* If you update from old version, remove code modification from step 6 in 1.6 documentation
– Modify step 6 and 7 in documentation, redo if you update
– Add true/false to setup if player can drag bag in bag
– Add visual to see the open bag
– Close/save opened bag when open another bag
– Close bag on drag outside inventory
– Add verification server side if player own this bag when drag item
– Make bag and player inventory save immediately when drag item between them and in bag

– Update with uSurvival 1.81
– Update documentation, new step 6 (must do it)
– Add StorageItemSlot to be compatible with default storage
– ItemStorage now close when drag in another container

– Validate with uSurvival 1.79
– Update link in documentation
– Adjust position of account and personal storage structure
– Better spawnablenetworkprefabs management.

– Update to uSurvival 1.78
– Unity 2019.4.0f1
– New/Updated documentation xhtml
– Use core addon AdditionalJsonData (include)

– All storage can be use as structure
– New animations
– New possibility to activate or deactivate gamepobject on server and on client
– Add item box22 (portable container)
– Lootbag for player and structure

– Update to uSurvival 1.74
– Add probability for item spawn in storage
– Documentation now in markdown and xhtml
– Updated documentation
– Code cleanup

– Updated to uSurvival 1.72
– Change effect, trigger
– Add client, server events
– Change lock ui to quad
– Update from old version, review step 6 in doc