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Custom vehicle for uMMORPG REMASTERED

*** System in development ***

This draft addon will give you headstart to create your own vehicle system.
In this example I use a car with unity wheel collider and boat/spaceship with rigidbody force.
With some modification it could be possible to use others vehicle type.

– Player able walk inside ship/boat/car while someone else driving.
– Vehicle with passenger and turret.
– Sail boat, Motor boat, Car and Spaceship example.
– Vehicle can be save in database (position, rotation, fuel).
– Driver seat to control the vehicle.
– Normal seat to be a passenger.
– Turret seat to be able attack target with vehicle skills.
– Each turret seat have his own skillbar and skills.
– Fuel system, add/remove fuel with items.
– Can spawn vehicle with item from player inventory.
– Monster only attack vehicle with passenger.
– Vehicle can be damaged and destroyed.
– Demo scene with islands, parcour and fueling station.
– Sync thruster, skidmark and tire smoke effects.
– No target projectile.
– Physic canon ball projectile.
– Dynamic mouse aim attack without target when seated on cannon.
– Tornado enemy.

Build with Unity 2021.3.9f1 and uMMORPG REMASTERED 2.39


– Change all sounds file format to wav (lossless)

– Update demo install

– Update documentation
– Add demo install for testing (only in a new default uMMORPGR unmodified)
– Add vehicle engine sound
– Add spaceship drop on ground if no fuel
– Fix car vehicle model warning on import

– Update to the new uMMORPG REMASTERED 2.39
– Update documentation step 8 (set IsTrigger on player collider)

– Add physic simulated NoTarget bullet
– NoTarget bullet do dmg underwater
– Vehicle key not activated while chat
– Add rate for client aim target
– Now cannon can aim even if no gameobject to raycast
– Rotation damage do dmg without player seated
– Add separate layer to know if we are in the vehicle
– On boat, change how the reverse/forward managed
– Example to kill a player going under the boat
– Add separate speed for reverse, turn and up/down on spaceship
– Add new effect for underwater explosion on bullet
– Change sounds for cannon, shoot, hit, water hit, underwater hit
– Adjust spaceship speed value in code and in prefab
– Adjust collider on boat prefab
– VehicleCar, added variable in inspector to set sideway velocity for car wheels skid and smoke
– VehicleBoat, Add clamp for angle and reverse force
– Add more comment to code
– Change to be able attack player inside vehicle

– Update documentation review step 1
– Update documentation new step 6, for mount anim on vehicle
– Activate the distance check to enter vehicle/seat
– Add a way to damage vehicle if too much rotation
– Add angle clamp for cannon
– Add dynamic aiming with mouse when seated at cannon
– Add notarget projectle (you dont need a target to shoot this projectile)
– Notarget bullet can pass thru water (deactivable on projectile prefab)
– Add Tornado enemy
– Adjustment on the vehicle sail and cannon prefab, collider and id
– Fix exit position

– Merge EXPERIMENTAL step in installation
– Add check in case of player(driver) appear before the vehicle on remote player
– Add cannon seat
– Add climbing ladder
– Add sail boat with cannon seat and ladder
– Ui vehicle will not show fuel if vehicle do not use fuel
– Rework demo scene, larger water area, more islands

– Contain EXPERIMENTAL packaged version, to be able walk inside ship/boat while someone else driving
– Update documentation – Step 6 Player, to manage OnDeath while in vehicle
– Update documentation – Step 7 Scene, to manage database vehicle save
– Added example for all vehicle to have turret control by player and passenger
– Rename some prefabs
– Remove some dev logs
– Remove old boat example
– Remove unuse collider and gameobject on boat and spaceship
– Adjust auto roll back speed on spaceship by distance from level
– Vehicle now saved in database: position/rotation/fuel
– Key for auto move forward on car/boat/spaceship (default: O)
– Add reverse speed value on boat
– Add example for sail boat (with sail open/rotate) with step hold speed

– Validate with uMMORPG REMASTERED 2.39
– Driver can use weapon on vehicle
– Can use mouse to control direction of vehicle
– Auto roll back on spaceship
– Add no air freeze when no driver on boat, must be setup on Boat Controller component on boat
– Add car parcour in scene

– New demo scene
– 3 new vehicles, boat, car, spaceship
– Boat controller
– Inventory to vehicle item drag fuel system
– Fueling station (fuel vehicle in range)
– Code cleanup

– Initial release