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Custom structure for uSurvival

– All structures decay overtime.
– NoBuildZone to block player construction, can have exceptions.
– The player who place the structure is the owner.
– Hold LeftCtrl key while aiming structure to see additional info.
– Added underwater swimming for player.

– BuildingManager structure
– – Protect other structure around from decay, but decay by itself.
– – Player not in list can’t build near this building, default range 20.
– – Owner will be able lock/unlock building manager by interacting with lock icon.
– – Cannot place another build manager near another one.
– – Hold LeftCtrl while aiming building manager to see builder list.

– Wall that give stats generation.
– – Nursery give health.
– – Bathroom give water.
– – Kitchen give food.
– – GreenHouse give heat.
– – Dungeon give damage health.

– Different damage type.
– Item or prefab must be setup to make the appropriate damage to be able damage structure.
– – Chip: Is use to damage wood structure.
– – Blast: Is use to damage metal structure.

– Bed system.
– – You can bind yourself to many bed.
– – Other players can bind to your bed.
– – Many player can be add to same bed sleeper list.
– – Hold LeftCtrl while aiming bed to see sleeper list.
– – When you die, you can choose the bed you want respawn in or random spawn.

– Underwater structure
– – Its a cube you can place underwater.
– – You can walk inside.
– – Automatically remove connecting wall when connect to other cube.

– Include core addon Additional Interaction.
– Include core addon Additional Json Data.

Build with Unity 2021.3.9f1 and uSURVIVAL 1.85


– Validate with uSURVIVAL 1.85
– Fix door to not be pickupable on server restart

– Validate with uSURVIVAL 1.84
– Update additional interaction package
– Update additional json data package
– Update SyncList readonly keyword
– Add missing NetworkServer to Destroy
– Timed pickup structure properly work with dedicated
– Add bool to show or not the parent info in PickupStructure.cs
– Properly rename bed on dedicated, now with raycast and owner
– Update trap style door prefabs to be able open/close while pickup is active

– Adjust collider on FenceHalfWithDoor, WallWithDoor and WallWithWindow prefabs
– Add method for compatibility with keypad addon

– Update to uSurvival 1.83
– Update documentation, new steps 5 and 11 (if you update must do it)
– Add list of allowed structure in NoBuildZone
– Add underwater structure
– Change door action to be on the door
– Make host update building manager lock visual on load game
– Add underwater swimming on player

– Update to uSurvival 1.81

– Validate with uSurvival 1.79
– Update link in documentation