Electric wire for unreal

Website : https://burnydev.com

Website (Documentation) : https://burnydev.com/docs/unreal/electricwire_doc.xhtml

Discord (support) : https://discord.gg/gEc6twx

Supported version : 4.15 to 4.26 (64bits)

Electric system to control component. All done with blueprints.
You have different way to generate energy, battery to store energy, switch and relay to control other component like lamp.

Save system:
Save load functionality example by key for play/host and by timer for dedicated.
It save components, wires, battery energy, on/off state.

Simple building system (no grid):
Interface to select object to place.
Player control and aim crosshair to place and interact with object.
Start, cancel object placement and remove object.

Demo simple networked sun cycle day/night to work with solar panel.

5 energy generation components (Generator, Solar panel, Wind turbine, Water turbine, Wheel generator)
3 switch (on/off, 3way2input, 3way2output)
2 relay (SPDT, SPSTNO)
3 lamp (Table, Wall, Ceiling)
1 battery
1 junction
1 splitter
1 merger
1 pressure plate
1 presence sensor
1 wall
2 wire
UI to show key and to control placement
1 network wall to host/join game
1 utility switch to run console command
Day/night cycle demo

Number of Blueprints: 29
Input: (Keyboard, Mouse)
Network Replicated: (Yes) (Logic Server Authoritative)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)
Mac: (?)
Documentation: https://burnydev.com/docs/unreal/electricwire_doc.xhtml
Important/Additional Notes: Have fun (c8